1. What if our team does not have enough age-appropriate players. Can we bring players from other teams?

Yes. You can put together a tournament team, with players from multiple teams, from different leagues, or who are not currently playing on a team in a league.

2. If our team does not have enough players, will the tournament organizers help us find players?

We will do our best to help match up teams looking for players, and players looking for teams. However, the final arrangements and the final roster is the responsibility of the teams and players. Please send us an email with the details (age group, contact information) if you need players (or if you are a player looking for a team), and we can forward this information to players (or team managers) to make the actual arrangements.

3. My team is not participating, but I would like to play with another team. Can you help me find a team?

Yes. Please see question 2 above.

4. Should we go ahead and register, even if our roster is not complete or finalized at the time of registration?

Yes, if you are reasonably confident that you will pick up enough players by “game day,” go ahead and register. You do not need to produce your roster until you arrive at the tournament.

5. Can I double roster to two teams in the same age group?

No, you cannot be rostered to two teams in the same age group (e.g., two different Over-21 teams or two different Over-40 teams).
You may double-roster to teams in different age groups; however, you must meet the age eligibility requirements for all age brackets that you participate in, as indicated in the Tournament Rules. We cannot guarantee that games in different age brackets will not be played simultaneously.

In the spirit of good sportsmanship, we suggest that players participate in only one game at a time should game times overlap.

6. Can I double roster to an Over-21, Over-40 and an Over-50 team?

Yes, see answer to question 5 above.

7. Are there any special rules that we should know about?

Yes. There is no slide tackling!! We also have a “mercy rule”, which means that if one team is up by 5 goals, they must remove one player from the pitch until the opposing team scores a goal.  This rule is meant as a deterrent to running up the score.  The rules can be found on the website Rules page.

8. If our “out-of-state” team is driving to Wallingford on Saturday morning, can you give us late games?

We will make every effort to accommodate the out-of-state teams if they are driving on Saturday, although we cannot guarantee late game times at this point. Please email us approximately two weeks before the tournament if your team is planning to drive on Saturday morning, and we will work very hard to give you the latest possible time slot on Saturday AM.

9. Do rostered players need to play both days, or can some play on Saturday and others on Sunday?

Women on your roster may play only on Saturday or only on Sunday, although your total roster size for both days is 18 for Over-21 and 15 for Over-40/Over-50. Note that each player must register and show a photo ID before playing.

Rosters are frozen at the end of the team’s first game on Sunday. This means players may not be added after that game.

10. What size are the fields and goals used for the Over-40 and Over-50 games?

The fields are 50 yards wide and 80 yards long. The goals are 21 feet wide and 7 feet high.