Participants in the tournament bear the risk of injuries sustained and neither the Tournament Committee, the Wallingford Parks and Recreation Department, the city of Wallingford, nor Kick For A Cause, Inc. will be liable for damages.

All tournament matches shall be played in accordance with FIFA Laws, except as specifically modified by these “Tournament Rules”.

All players must be female.

All players in the Over-21 division must be 21 years old no later than July 27, 2024.

All field players in the Over-40 division must be 40 years old within the calendar year; goalkeepers may be 38 and up.

All field players in the Over-50 division must be 50 years old within the calendar year; goalkeepers may be 47 and up.

A team may register 18 players in the Over-21 division, and 15 players in the Over-40 and Over-50 divisions. Each team member must sign the roster/waiver and show a pictured proof of age before playing in their first game.

Rosters are frozen at the end of the team’s first game on Sunday. This means players may not be added after that game.

The Tournament Committee may disqualify a team from competition if a team member does not register prior to playing, or if the team fields a player who does not meet the age requirements.

All teams must have similar colored shirts or pinnies, numbered differently, corresponding to the roster. Where opposing teams have uniform colors that are similar, the designated home team will change colors. The designated home team is listed first on the schedule.

Every player must have shin guards; socks must cover shin guards. Appliances such as knee braces must be worn in such a way that they do not pose a threat of injury to other players. Casts will be allowed at the discretion of the referee. Jewelry must be removed prior to play.

Slide tackles are not allowed, and may be considered unsporting behavior.

Unlimited substitutions may be made at any stoppage, with the permission of the referee.



Duration of Games

Preliminary and Second Round Games: All games will be 52′ (2 x 26′ halves, with a 5′ half-time period). There will be no overtime period in preliminary and second round games.

Semifinal Games: If game ends in a tie and a winner is required, the teams will go directly to PK’s.

Championship Games: All divisional Championship games will be 52′ (2 x 26′ halves, with a 5′ half-time period). If game ends in a tie, then two 5′ overtime periods will be played. If after the overtime period the score is still tied, then the game will be decided by PK’s.


Number of Players

Over-21 games will be played 11 v 11. A game may not be started with fewer than 7 players in Over-21 games.

Over-40 and Over-50 games will be played 8 v 8. A game may not be started with fewer than 6 players in Over-40 and Over-50 games.

In the event a team cannot produce the required number of players, or is reduced to less than the required number of players after the game begins, it shall forfeit the game. A team shall have a 5-minute grace period from the scheduled starting time to field a team before a forfeit will be declared.



Point System: Win: 3 points Tie: 1 point Loss/Forfeit: 0 points

Forfeit: 3 points to non-forfeiting team, and the score will be posted as 3-0.

NOTE:  All Preliminary Games must be played.  A team that forfeits a Preliminary Game will not be eligible to advance to a semi-final or final game.  A Preliminary Game may be rescheduled at the discretion of the Tournament Committee and the consent of the opposing team. 

Standings and Tiebreak:
In the event of a tie in total points, position will be determined as follows:

  • Head-to-head competition (in the event of a tie among three or more teams, this criteria will not be considered), then
  • Most wins
  • Least losses
  • Bonus points (goal differential up to +3 and down to -3 per game)
  • Least goals allowed
  • Coin toss

Winning team must report scores to registration (official scorekeeper) at end of game.


Inclement Weather

In case of inclement weather, the Tournament Committee Chair or official representative will have the authority to:

  • relocate or reschedule any game(s);
  • change the duration of any game(s);
  • cancel any preliminary game(s);
  • consider any game terminated by game or Tournament officials after one-half of play as official as of the time of termination; and
  • determine the format for advancement.



Players, coaches, managers, and team supporters are expected to conduct themselves within the Spirit of the Law. Displays of temper, dissent by word or action against an opponent or the referee are cause for ejection from the tournament.

The KFAC Tournament organizers have a zero tolerance policy toward threatening behavior and abusive language against players and referees. Any player, coach, manager or spectator who exhibits inappropriate behavior will be automatically ejected.

Teams are encouraged to respect other teams, observe the Spirit of the tournament and contribute to its success by playing in all scheduled games. Teams which forfeit may have applications denied in subsequent years.

Mercy Rule

Any team that reaches a five goal advantage over an opponent must remove a player from the field and play a man down until such time as the five-goal advantage disappears. If the team with a five-goal advantage scores again, an additional player must be removed until a more equalized game situation results. No team will be penalized more than two players.  This rule is meant to discourage teams from running up the score.


The tournament will do its best to schedule four games in all age brackets. However, if unforeseen circumstances such as weather or late dropouts cause the cancellation of any game or all games, the tournament is not liable and registration fees may not be refunded. It is our intention to play all tournament games as scheduled.

The Tournament Committee shall decide all matters pertaining to the tournament, which are not specifically governed by these rules and may make any adjustments, as circumstances require.